3D Product Rendering

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I help 3D Artists how to get high-paying clients by improving their artistic and business skillset.

I will go with you through a 4-6 weeks program with a GUARANTEE to get you your first client / high-paying client.

Why should I do the program?

I help you to build a professional-looking portfolio, improve your skills and teach you how to get high-paying clients with your work, so you can live a free & self-determined life where you are independent of others and have your own control of your life.

It’s not just making money with your 3D passion. It’s a whole transformation of how you see the world and its possibilities and you learn skills you can use in other areas in your life too.

I see many awesome, talented & hard-working artists “struggling” because they only do the work they are comfortable with – learning and doing 3D. Maybe they also just don’t have someone or aren’t aware of how to make money with their passion and crafts. They lack all of that business knowledge & mindset on how to package their unique skills and package it into an amazing high-price, high-value offer, where the client would feel stupid to neglect that offer.

What exactly will we go through?

  • Create an absolute top-notch project together
  • Building an outstanding, high-quality portfolio
  •  Learn how to product and package your 3D skills & knowledge in the best possible offer
  • How to reach out to clients
  • Where to reach out
  • What to write them
  • How to communicate to them an offer, that they are willing to pay the highest price possible
  • How to negotiate (Secret: There is no negotiation. They will and have to pay YOUR price!)
  • How to deliver the best possible work, the client wouldn’t expect (always over-deliver!)
  • Discuss and find other ways how to make money with your 3D skills & interests
  • How to get a 3D job in a studio
  • How to work together with studios


  • Why the most important thing is to niche down and go all-in on that niche
  • How to decide which niche to focus on
  • How to be motivated everyday and do the important work
  • Why goals are extremely important
  • How to formulate a goal and write a plan to achieve it
  • Much much more mindset & productivity knowledge and guidance

You see maybe that there are many new perspectives of all that business you were’t aware of.
That’s absolutely normal. I struggled a lot, because there isn’t much information out there on how to run a successful 3D business as an independent 3D Freelance Artist.

I had to ask a lot of questions to people, read and try and experiment different things out and failed numerous times, to learn even more out of those mistakes.
And so you can save precious time and start now by reprogramming your brain towards success. I offer you to go through a program with me and you will learn EVERYTHING that I know – no secrets or bullshitting. I just want to see you succeed and see you grow as a person, so when the program is completed you can continue by your own.

The usual length of the program is 4-6 weeks BUT 

I GUARANTEE: you will get your first / high-paying client

How do I guarantee it?

  • The program goes 4-6 weeks (depending on your skills, knowledge & experience). 
    If we don’t get you your first / high-paying client in that time, I will continue with you the program, till you get the work you deserve!


So let's jump on a call and find out if & how I can help you. I am really looking forward to getting to know you.
Thanks, Nikita

3D Product Rendering